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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks – Answered!

You ask: We answer. In our latest blog post, we answer the most frequently asked questions by candidates on the background screening process.

Recently, we explored what happens when your future employer requires a background check. We talked about what to expect, the different types of background screenings you might have, and what to do if there are inconsistencies or even (gasp!) lies on your report. However, you still had questions! And we are here to answer them.

Please note, these questions and answers are specifically for background checks conducted by Pallas Consultants. The information may be relevant to services provided by other background check firms, but it is always best to check with them directly if you have questions.

Why is my background check taking so Long?

Most background checks in the U.S. typically take two to four business days to complete. There could be several reasons why it may take longer than that. For example, we may have difficulties contacting a previous employer. Perhaps the local courts are backlogged due to a holiday or some unforeseen issue. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, we experienced longer than average verification times due to court closures.

How can I provide more up-to-date information to verify quickly?

Providing more information to us is a great way to get your verifications completed quickly. For instance, you may have pay stubs or tax documentation that you can provide for employment verification. The best way to provide this information to Pallas Consultants as quickly as possible is to upload it to Applicant Center. You can access Applicant Center via a secure link your recruiter has sent you in an email. Here, you can quickly upload documents and provide information regarding your background check.

What drugs will I be tested for?

Your prospective employer decides how they want the sample you provide for the drug screen to be analyzed. We recommend that you reach out to them if you need information on the specific drugs or substances that are tested.

I see Marijuana on my drug test paperwork, but it is legal in my state. Why am I being tested for this?

While many states have legalized marijuana (medically or for recreational adult use), not all states require that employers accommodate its use. Ultimately, it is up to the employer to decide if testing for marijuana is mandatory for new hires and determine what a positive result means for your employment. Check with your future employer if you have questions on the drug test and their workplace drug policy.

My background check or information is wrong. How can I correct it?

Pallas Consultants can assist in correcting your phone number and email address information if it was entered incorrectly. To correct any other information used to request your background check, please contact the hiring recruiter and ask that they cancel the incorrect request and submit a new request to Pallas Consultants with your corrected information.

Why did Pallas Consultants ask if I received a COVID-19 vaccination?

Any information regarding COVID tests or vaccines is determined by the employer. You can contact the hiring recruiter for more information regarding vaccines and COVID testing.

Why do I need to provide documents for verification when you’re the background screening provider? Can’t you just find it in your database?

If only it was that easy! There is not a single database that stores all of this information. Pallas Consultants must contact every school, employer and court found matching your background check information. If we have trouble contacting an employer or school for verification, we will ask you to help by sending us supporting documents. This way, your background check will be completed quickly.

I have sent a copy of my diploma/transcript why do you still need to contact the school?

We will often ask for a copy of the transcript/diploma to help verify educational credentials. We are still required to attempt to verify your credentials via the school unless the hiring company advises otherwise. Diplomas and transcripts are easy to manipulate; therefore, we must first try to verify directly with the school.

I called the courthouse and they said no one has contacted them about my record search. Why?

Pallas Consultants uses many different methods to gather court records, including courthouse digital portals and in-person court record runners. The people at the courthouse may not know Pallas Consultants is asking about a record if we use an online portal or have a court runner gathering this information.

Why does Pallas Consultants determine if I am hired or not and not the hiring company?

A common misconception is that Pallas Consultants makes hiring decisions. Pallas Consultants facilitates the background search and then provides all findings to the hiring company. The hiring company always has the final say as to whether or not you meet their criteria for the job. Pallas Consultants makes no decisions about hiring a candidate, we simply provide the information to the employer.


We know that background checks can be stressful and feel as though they are taking forever. Pallas Consultants is here to help both you and your future employer get through the process as quickly as possible to get you started at your new job!


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