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3 Reasons to Hire Close Protection

There is also a common misperception that close protection is simply for VIPs, which is not true. Anyone who feels there is a threat to themselves, their families or their assets can consider hiring a close protection officer. In this blog we discuss what is close protection, the top three reasons to hire close protection and who can provide these services.

What is close protection?

Close protection security is the physical protection of client(s) or assets from any possible threat of harm. This security measure is usually performed by close protection officers (CPOs) who provide ongoing security assessments, surveillance, and threat mitigation, with the aim of keeping a client and/or assets safe from danger.

3 Reasons for hiring close protection security

Hiring close protection services may seem an option exclusively for celebrities but there are many reasons you may want to protect yourself or an asset from harm. We have listed the top three reasons to consider hiring a security solution like close protection, but if for whatever reason you feel you need security, then please do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch.

1. Personal protection and threat mitigation

One of the primary reasons for hiring close protection is to mitigate threats and ensure safety in high-risk situations. Whether it is from potential kidnappers, stalkers, or protesters, close protection agents are trained to assess and manage these types of threats. They are trained to identify any potential danger and take the necessary steps to prevent an incident from occurring. Their presence provides peace of mind, knowing that you have a professional by your side who is trained to handle any situation that may arise.

Personal protection is not simply for the rich and famous however, if you believe you are being stalked, have an abusive ex-partner that has threatened you or your family or you think you are at risk of harm for any reason, including needing witness protection, then hiring a CPO or utilizing the services of a private investigative agency to help protect you, or your loved ones, should be strongly considered

2. Events.

Event protection is the second reason on our list for hiring close protection security or as part of a more robust security solution. Especially if there are multiple locations and you need close protection for individuals or valuable assets. Not only do CPOs provide event security as a whole, including risk assessments and strategies, they can also provide mobile and static surveillance for assets and physical protection for individuals.

They can be an obvious presence, therefore providing a deterrent, or they can provide a more discreet level of protection and provide covert surveillance services. Any good CPO or bodyguard will carry out risk assessments and discuss the plan with any security already in place at an event.

3. Corporate Security.

Close protection officers are often used by companies to protect assets. This can include constant protection, such as a location or premises or specialist escort services.

For higher-ranking corporate individuals, hiring close protection can also enhance your professional reputation as well as providing continued security. A bodyguard provides a visible sign of your importance and reinforces the idea that you are a high-value individual who is deserving of protection. It can also demonstrate to others that you take your safety and security seriously, which can be especially important if you are in a high-profile position or in the public eye. Furthermore, if you are traveling abroad, a bodyguard can be especially beneficial in ensuring that you are not a target of crime or terrorism due to your work.

Who provides close protection services?

If you are looking for close protection services, then it is worth considering private investigative agencies or private detectives. They are usually experts in all aspects of security and have the experience and knowledge needed to operate within the law and provide the flexibility and surveillance needed to conduct a successful operation.

What are the benefits of close protection?

Close protection services can increase your mobility and flexibility, allowing you to go about your daily business with confidence and peace of mind. With a CPO or bodyguard by your side, you can move freely and attend events, meetings, and other important functions without having to worry about your personal safety. CPOs are trained to assess and manage risks, so you can be assured that you are in safe hands and can focus on your work and personal life without worrying about potential threats.

Hiring close protection is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Whether it is for threat mitigation, personal and professional reputation, asset protection or increased mobility and flexibility, close protection agents provide a valuable service that can ensure your safety and security in a fast-paced and unpredictable world. With their expertise and training, you can feel confident and secure knowing that you have a professional by your side who is dedicated to your safety and well-being.

Close Protection Security from Pallas Consultants

Here at Pallas Consultants we have the knowledge and expertise to keep our clients and assets safe and well protected, no matter the challenges required.

If you feel you need personal security for yourself, your family, valuable assets, round the clock home protection with a residential security team or simply a specialist escort and chauffeur service, we can provide you with close protection services that keeps you safe. With years of experience in the security industry, combined with our expert Close Protection Officers and state-of-the-art technology, you can be sure our safeguarding of clients is handled professionally and sensitively, and with minimum disruption to the personal lives of our clients.

Our close protection team can travel anywhere in the USA, the UK or even overseas, that includes traveling alongside you. This commitment extends to our operating times. We understand that threats to your security don’t just end with the working day, so regardless of 9-5, overnight or around the clock, we will provide any of our security or close protection services whenever you need it. With experience, training, and skills on our side, we are highly respected within the industry, with the accreditation to prove it.


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