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Richard Axel


Richard Axel - Pallas Consultations



English and Spanish

Client satisfaction. Personal integrity. Unmatched professionalism. This is the business philosophy of Richard Axel and it flows through every detail of Pallas Consultants. Richard Axel is a highly credentialed business and security executive with over 20 years of experience, including serving as Senior Managing Director for a financial restructuring firm and time in law enforcement. Richard transitioned his law enforcement experience to the private sector, specializing in risk management including

corporate investigations, intelligence, crisis management, threat and risk assessments, surveillance, counter-surveillance measures, executive protection, and security services for domestic and global clients. Richard has successfully led numerous criminal and corporate fraud investigations, espionage, embezzlement, theft, insider trading, digital forensics and cyber security investigations assuring his clients access to world-class expertise helping mitigate the significant risks of today’s volatile business environment.

Over two decades, Richard has built a national and international network of experienced and knowledgeable investigators with federal and state law enforcement experience. He supports them with cutting edge technology that rivals top-tier government agencies. This combination drives towards high success rates and sets a new standard of professionalism.

Richard's goal as a private investigator is laser focused on getting the best results for his clients. His consultative approach with clients ensures a thorough investigation, clear communications and results that give clients the evidence they need and the peace of mind they want. Even if the best result is an option that doesn’t include the services of Pallas Consultants. This degree of integrity sets Richard and his team at Pallas Consultants apart.

Teamwork makes the dream work!
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