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Julia Cooper


Julia Cooper - Pallas Consultants



English and Dannish

Julia is a Certified Investigator & Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist. Specializing in corporate investigations, background intelligence gathering, social networking research and asset investigations; Julia provides fraud investigative expertise to Special Investigation Units (SIU) within and throughout the insurance industry. Julia is a seasoned industry executive specializing in global investigative efforts on

behalf of private clientele, governments, Fortune Global 500 companies, multinational law firms, commercial and investment banks, and asset and investment management entities, among others. For over two decades, Julia has led tens of thousands of investigations. She has established and cultivated relationships with a global network of industry experts. She has also traveled the world sharing her passion and knowledge of investigative best practices throughout the industry.

Julia is also responsible for managing, controlling and directing surveillance operations, in which discipline she is exceptionally well schooled, especially in the deployment of covert and under-cover operations, where her attributes as a female investigator have proved an essential and pivotal ingredient to achieving astounding success – she treads where her male counterparts fear to do so!


  • Responsible for initiating, developing, managing and controlling, national and international strategic intelligence networking resources, assets and personnel; collating all information sourced, evaluating, disseminating and implementing such for the benefit of client strategies within domestic and international multi-faceted corporate project initiatives.

  • Acknowledged expertise at in-depth national and international insurance, civil and criminal investigations. Extensive investigative, intelligence gathering and case management experience at government, legal, institutional, private and commercial level. Litigation support specialist and consultant providing such services to assist the legal community in criminal defense and civil litigation causes in preparation of their cases.

  • Expertise in Corporate Investigations, Background Intelligence gathering, Social Networking research and Asset Investigations; specializing in investigating matters of insurance claim fraud while providing fraud investigative expertise to Special Investigation Units (SIU) within and throughout the insurance industry.

Teamwork makes the dream work!
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