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It’s not what you know, it’s what you don’t know that can potentially have an adverse impact on an organization and its reputation. We are committed to helping clients mitigate risk through strengthening due diligence efforts. From industry shifts and economic cycles to legal risks and cultural differences, innumerable factors determine whether a transaction generates synergies and creates value. Pinpointing, prioritizing, and understanding these seemingly intractable factors can be incredibly difficult, particularly amidst the rush to get a deal done. Inevitably, a lack of preparation and uninformed deal-making can destroy shareholder and enterprise value. Careful diligence and a comprehensive viewpoint of the risks and opportunities on the horizon are necessary to confront uncertainty and manage challenges.

Regardless of the type of investment or business decision—when money, time, reputation, or safety is on the line—due diligence is not a perfunctory exercise to be checked off quickly. Companies and individuals regularly engage Pallas Consultant and business intelligence specialists for due diligence solutions—critical information that sheds light and enables a more informed decision both on value and the associated risk. Whether it be gaining insight on a prospective investment, acquisition, merger candidate, or market or the vetting of contractors, suppliers, and consultants for possible legal or regulatory breaches.

From conducting pre-employment intelligence gathering on key staff or HNW inner circle reputational assessments to reviews of a merger target’s cybersecurity posture, areas of vulnerability, and threats from within, the need for relevant and comprehensive due diligence solutions that can minimize, anticipate, or avoid enterprise risk has never been greater. We are proud of the reputation our teams have built not only for their investigative, analytic, and advisory excellence but for the independence and insight they bring to these types of investigations.

The deeper you dig, the better positioned you are to make informed decisions. At Pallas Investigations, we specialize in fact finding, and, with our international reach, we work across industries and across borders to help our clients avoid potential risks.

While every acquisition and divestiture are different, we employ a disciplined and rigorous approach to due diligence to ensure that all material risks and opportunities are considered in a potential deal. We leverage our global network of functional industry associate experts to deliver customized and tailored diligence solutions that reflect the reality of any transaction in a way that matches the target, acquirer, and market environment of the deal.



  • What sets Pallas Consultants apart.
    Pallas Consultant's adherence to our core values has led clients to retain us time and again on matters of the utmost importance and sensitivity. Our relationships are built on: Confidentiality & Integrity. Acting ethically and legally is of paramount importance to us. The team of Pallas Consultants are trained to handle cases respecting client confidentiality, regardless whether any non-disclosure agreements have been signed. Pallas Consultants reassures clients that this confidentiality extends even after completion of an inquiry. Pallas Consultants maintains a high level of professional and ethical conduct. In conducting investigations, our operatives and researchers will ensure that the best practices are followed and that any information will be obtained ethically and legally, adhering to local laws and International laws. Analysis. Creativity. Thoroughness. We don’t believe in menu-driven investigations or a democracy of facts. We are exhaustive but focused and adept at teasing out inferences, providing corroboration and separating “information” from evidence. Responsiveness. Hands-on management. We focus on our clients’ objectives and tailor our investigative strategies accordingly. There are no layers between the professionals who do the work and the clients we serve. We are available around the clock and around the world. Client focus. We communicate with our clients clearly, succinctly and in real time. We respect budgets and deadlines. We believe it is our role to solve our clients’ problems, not to create new ones. Independence. Collaboration. We are independently owned and answer only to our clients, not to investors or shareholders. We collaborate with other firms, not compete, providing our clients with seamless service.
  • What we believe.
    Our founder, Richard Axel, served as a law enforcement and when Richard created Pallas Consultants, he used this experience to define the skills and attitudes which would be needed to make Pallas Consultants one of the best private and corporate investigations firm in the world. We believe that every client and every issue is unique and we place the highest value on our understanding of each and every client and our responsiveness to their needs. Eschewing formulaic approaches, Pallas Consultants develops bespoke, cost-effective investigative plans that place a premium on creativity, thoroughness, corroboration and analysis. We believe that our fact-finding must always be conducted under strict legal discipline. We have an unwavering commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards. What sets us apart from others is the quality of our work product as well as our track record, both in the work we take on to process and in the work we turn away. We hire and collaborate only professionals who meet these standards and share these values. This is reflected in our leadership which former general counsels of publicly-traded multinational corporations. At Pallas Consultants we will never compromise our standards or our integrity. Being the best is the reason for our continued success and remains our one and only goal.
  • Who Are Our Clients
    Whatever your business is, it’s our business to find the facts wherever they may lead. Our clients include: Private Clients High-Net-Worth Individuals and Family Offices Law Firms Corporate Organizations Financial Institutions Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies Governments and NGOs Sports Organizations and Academic Institutions How can we help you? Please contact us to find out how we can implement an investigative plan tailored to your needs.
  • Our Leadership.
    At Pallas Consultants, excellence starts with having the right people — people who are extraordinary, people with decades of experience, and people who adhere to the highest ethical standards. MEET THE LEADERSHIP TEAM Richard Axel Founder & CEO >> Diana Steen Partner & CPO >> David Walker General Counsel >> Julia Cooper Senior Investigator >>

Due Diligence Insights

Pallas Consultants regularly publishes articles, blogs and reports that help our clients better understand our Due Diligence solutions. Browse our featured articles below.


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