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Carl Pirie


Carl Pirie - Pallas Consultants




Corl Pirie is a associate managing investigator in the Cyber Risk practice and focuses on growing the firm’s cyber advisory services. He leverages more than 25 years of experience in the fields of IT infrastructure, IT operations, IT service management, information security, cyber security, data privacy and protection. Carl has years of experience in solving complex investigations

and cybersecurity matters. Specifically, he focuses on mitigating the risk of cyber related incidents through various pro-active prevention assessments and detecting, investigating, and remediating corporations from all types of cybersecurity incidents. As an experienced investigator, Carl manages and executes on all cyber related investigations as well as complex white collar corporate investigations. He also serves as an expert witness.

Working with leading corporations and their legal firms, Carl leads all types of cyber related investigations including intrusions into corporate networks, ransomware root-cause analysis and restoration, theft of intellectual property, email compromise, fraud, employee matters, and due diligence for acquisitions. He also assesses corporate risk and provides mitigating measures to decrease a company’s cybersecurity risk. Carl advises legal firms and their clients on a wide range of corporate investigative work as well as regulatory requirements. This investigative work and his expert opinions are used in internal corporate matters, corporate litigation, and compliance with law enforcement.

Carl has worked with clients across various industries, including health care, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial services, retail and consumer goods, technology, transportation, state/local governments and prior to joining  Pallas Consultants, Carl was with a leading cybersecurity firm, where he served as an Associate Managing Director leading large engagements in all types of cyber related matters. He is a certified chief information security officer (C/CISO), among other information security certifications.

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